Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Where do you think more of our money is being wasted, NIFA or the attorneys hired by Nassau County to fight the state takeover of the budget?


  1. You have to pick the lesser of two evils. The state has a $10 Billion deficit. No one can agree if the Nassau County Budget is balanced. Enter the lawyers and their fees. Maybe, NIFA should help balance the state budget first!

  2. This is a political move. If the county can not balance it's budget how is NIFA going to help when the county taxpayers have to pay for:
    Rented Space for NIFA
    High priced attorneys
    High priced accountants
    Additional Staff to run NIFA office
    The State owes Nassau County over $100 million dollars in reimbursements, lets get that money and then see how far our budget is out of balance.
    The State Mandates programs that we as county taxpayers have no say as to whether we want them or not.
    This is a political game and we are the football. It is time to call a time out. Maybe we as taxpayers should put our money collectively in an escrow account until they figure out what to do.

  3. Is the Massapequa Tea party a front for the Republican party?

    NIFA has not taken over Nassau yet. Mangano should try to work with NIFA to gain union concessions considering Suozzi agreed to no layoffs unitl 2015.

  4. How long has Nassua been run like a private club--only politicians and unions and the pba may belong. the rest of us foot the bill. Could NIFA do any worse. Let's ger real--the middle class cannot sustain the pensions, health benefits and salaries of our police, politcians and school personnel.
    When are we going to wake up--or just leave. Sell the sewars so the next administration can solve the problems. Step one, eliminate overtime from pension calculations. Step two: Forbid injured police officers from working overtime if they are waiting to be declared disabled. No more defined benefit pensions, employee contributions for health care and pensions.